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O B&F DC is a line of Decanters developed with high technology for the removal of clarified in processes of SBR (Sequential Batch Reactor).

Made of stainless steel AISI 304 or AISI 316, they have a unique locking set that prevents the entry of raw sewage during the filling and mixing phases, and during the aeration process avoids the drag of foam and sludge.

The opening and closing system is self-regulating, not requiring the use of electro-pneumatic equipment for operation, being controllable through an actuated discharge valve at the exit of the reactor.

They have two independent flotation chambers, fixed hinged arm system on the tank wall and stainless steel cable depth limiters, giving greater reliability and stability of the equipment during the operations, besides having flotation adjustment system with ballasts compensation.

During the emptying phase of the clarified, the collection system operates as a baffle avoiding the drag of scum and supernatant material. The unique design of the set with large collecting surface added to the low speed rates guarantees the laminar flow and the non-removal of the decanted sludge. The discharge is directed through a flexible tube to the outlet at the actuated valve.

Sizes and Flow

• Fully resistant to corrosion, chemical and UV attacks;
• Great structural resistance to mechanical stresses;
• Easy installation;
• Low operating cost;
• Flotation system with high service factor (2.0);
• Locking system with automatic operation;
• System of adjustable collection with less turbulent subsurface flow;
• High flow capacity through grid collection surface;
• Fixation system with access to maintenance without stops in the treatment;
• Vertical operation with controlled stroke;


• SBR (Sequential Batch Reactor) / Batch Reactors

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