B&F Dias

Strip Diffuser

B&F Dias has a range of panel diffusers with high oxygen transfer rates up to 30g / sm³.m. B & F Strip Diffuser is an ultra-thin bubble diffuser with polyurethane membrane. It is available in sizes 1,5, 2,0, 3,0 and 4,0 m.

In addition to its innovative design and ultra-high oxygen transfer rate, the B & F Strip Diffuser features a quick fastening system, allowing the installation of two diffusers, with perfect stability, directly on the floor with height adjustment.

The diffusers still have a check valve against the ingress of water and sludge while allowing membrane relief, which means low operation and energy costs.

  • – Low power consumption
    – High oxygen transfer rates
    – Homogeneous dissolved oxygen
    – High durability polyurethane membrane
    – High membrane area
    – High density polymer body

– Extremely high oxygen transfer rate
– Ultra-fine bubbles
– Sequential assembly without the need for support piping
– Exclusive fixing system (brackets), installed directly on the floor with height adjustment
– Check valve against water and sludge that simultaneously allows membrane relief



B&F Dias has a complete line of air generation systems with centrifugal blowers, bolts and roots developed especially for application in diffusion air aeration systems under the strictest controls and quality standards achieved in more than 25 years of application development. The use of air generating systems with bolts or roots blowers is synonymous with lower energy consumption, guaranteed generation of air free of oil, minimal maintenance and high durability. With a huge variety of models of different sizes, assembled in various configurations, the air blowers stand out for the application of diverse forms of operation with flow intervals from 35 up to 15800 m3 / h with pressures up to 1200 mbar (12 mca). All sets have special accessories for application in diffuse air aeration systems. Bases and couplings, mufflers, air filters, anti-vibration supports, pressure gauges, check valves, safety valves and acoustic insulation cabins.

Interconnection Tubing

B&F Dias is also a company specialized in the design and execution of interconnection piping between the blower house to the point of application (tank / pond / reactor / valve / channel) of the diffusion air aeration system. The dimensioning of this set is made considering the most important factors (air velocity, temperature, load losses) for the application in aeration systems in conjunction with air blowers. With diameters from ¾ “up to 60”, the B & F Dias interconnection pipes are all made with AISI 304 or 316 stainless steel connections and pipes. All correct and suitable fastening, anchoring and guide brackets are also included. (support), control and locking valves.

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