The system can be used without the need for emptying tanks or aeration ponds.

Removes or minimizes fouling on diffuser membranes Can be applied to diffuse air aeration systems from domestic and imported manufacturers.

Not all types of scale can be removed. For certainty of improvement, a preliminary test is recommended.
B&F In Place Cleaning was developed with the aim of extending the operating life of diffuser air systems more susceptible to scale, especially in industrial effluent treatment plants and to minimize costs and maintenance operations that require the emptying of tanks and aeration ponds.

The following benefits are expected:

* Minimize the amount of fouling on the diffusers
* Prevent the drop in oxygen transfer efficiency
* Reduce the localized pressure drop in diffusers
* Decrease energy consumption
* Maintain the most adequate oxygen levels
* Extend the life of the diffusers
* Avoid tank drainage operations
The system consists of the following items:

* Mobile trolley for ease of access to application sites
* Dosing system
* Suction and repression hoses
* Accessories and Connections