B&F Support is a program that offers a series of support and structure services for the creation and development of companies and projects within the environmental sanitation sector.

To participate in the program it is necessary to participate in a selection and admission. For more information, please contact support@bfdias.com.br
It is located in its own building, in the headquarters of B&F Dias in Vinhedo, which houses:
• Several individual and exclusive environments for companies;
• Meeting rooms and training;
• Materials and quality laboratory;
• Factory structure;
• Test tank;
• Availability of laboratory equipment;
• Support structure (internet, concierge, cafeteria)
In addition to the infrastructure, it offers support with the following services:
• Counseling and mentoring;
• Business integration;
• Marketing support;
• Trainings;
• Specialized consultancies;
• Support with Human Resources;
• Networking activities